CJSC Scientific-technical company "ModulNefteGasComplect"
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Проектирование, разработка, изготовление и поставка нефтегазо­промыслового оборудования и систем АСУ ТП

About Us

CJSC Scientific Technical Company «MODULNEFTEGASCOMPLECT» - is a dynamically developing company which is specialized in development and delivery of highly advanced equipment for oil and gas production companies. The company performs a range of activities, including:

• survey of oil production facilities and delivery of engineering solutions;

• Design and construction of new facilities;

• manufacturing and supply of complete production lines, oil treatment plants, preliminary water knock-out plants, booster pumping stations, central gathering facilities, modular water injection pumping stations, mobile test separators, flare units, individual items and components;

• Reconstruction and conversion of existing facilities;

• Development and implementation of modern hardware and software for automated control systems;

• Commissioning, installation supervision and maintenance of facilities.

CJSC STC «MODULNEFTEGASCOMPLECT» is a company, which increases production and improves its infrastructure annually to support its scientific and production activities and expand the scope and geography of use of the equipment.

The head of the company is a Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Oilman of Russian Federation Viktor A. Kryukov. He is a specialist in the field of well product gathering and treatment systems.

The result of the company’s work is creation of unique technologies of oil, gas and water treatment, development of oil and gas equipment for use in Preliminary water knock-out plants (PWKO-plants) and Oil Treatment Plants (OTP). This equipment combines processes of gas separation, oil dehydration and water purification from petroleum products and solids for its further use in reservoir pressure maintenance systems.

Based on the developments of the company a new direction was created in the industry– Tubular-type preliminary water knock-out plants. These units combine processes of gas separation, oil dehydration and water treatment without the use of settlers, and in some cases without product heating.

To date, more than 60 facilities of OTP, PWKO-plants, GTP, WIPS, constructed with CSTC STC MNGC are operated at production sites  of Rosneft, Lukoil, TNK-BP, Gazprom, Sibur, Rusvietpetro, Novatek, KMG, MangistauMunaiGas, South-Oil and other companies of Russia and CIS. A number of such units are in the stage of development and construction.

The developments of MNGC are aimed at solving environmental problems associated with the maximum utilization of gas, reduction of noxious emissions of petroleum products into the atmosphere and reservoirs.

To improve the reliability and lifetime of the equipment our company uses a set of measures for corrosion protection of metal including internal coating of the surfaces of pipes and units, as well as plastic and corrosion resistant materials for internal components.

The company holds more than 100 inventions, 30 of which are patented and implied in projects of oil companies of Russia and Bashkortostan. Some of them are recognized as the best inventions in Russia and put into a database of promising Russian developments.

The Scientific-and technical Company «MODULNEFTEGASCOMPLECT» consists of the following divisions:

  • Engineering Center in Ufa - development of advanced process solutions for the manufacture of new types of equipment for new construction and modernization of existing facilities;
Representative  office of CJSC STC «MNGC» in Moscow - operative interaction with customers, whose offices are located in the capital;
  • LLC «Research and Design Institute ONGM» in Ufa - Design development of oil, gas, gas condensate fields, oil refineries, gas stations, reservoir parks, oil loading racks, reconstruction of existing facilities;
  • LLP «MNGC-Kazakhstan» in Aktau city - organization of work in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Oilfield equipment manufacture and assembly plant in Belebey - production of modular equipment and metal structures.

To ensure a high level of customer service, company’s quality management system has been certified to ISO 9001-2008 (№ ROSS RU.IS64.K00062). Engineers of different specialties are employed in our company: process and design engineers, experts in automation, highly skilled workers and commissioning personnel, office workers.

Our manufacturing plant has a certified laboratory of nondestructive testing to confirm the product quality. Manufactured equipment can be shipped by trucks or by train cars.

Our main customers are such companies as JSC «LUKOIL», JSC «NK Rosneft», «TNK-BP Holding», JSC «Gazprom» , JSC «Gazprom Neft», LLC  JVC «Rusvietpetro», JSC «Tomskneft», JSC «Globalstroy Engineering», JSC «Tatneft», LLC «Sibur-Portenergo»,  LLP «Kazakhoil Aktobe», LLP «South OIL», LLP «Ken-Sary»,  JSC «MangistauMunayGaz», LLC «RN-Yuganskneftegaz», LLC «RN-Purneftegaz», TPP «Urayneftegaz», TPP «Kogalymneftegaz», JSC «Khantymansiyskneftegazgeologia» and other oil and gas companies of Russia and the CIS.

CJSC STC «MODULNEFTEGASCOMPLECT» closely cooperates with a number of research and design institutes, including JSC «Giprovostokneft», JSC «Giprotyumenneftegaz», LLC «SamaraNIPIneft», JSC «Samaraneftehimproekt», LLC «RN-UfaNIPIneft», LLC «PermNIPIneft», LLC «KogalymNIPIneft», CJSC «Giprong-Ekom», LLC «OrenburgNIPIneft», JSC «TomskNIPIneft» , LLP «Research and Design Institute CE&R», LLP «Engineering company «Kazgiproneftetrans».

The company continues works on the development and standardization of energy-efficient types of oilfield equipment, increase of their service life, creation of new types of equipment. All this leads to the further successful development of the company.


General director

Victor A. Kryukov