CJSC Scientific-technical company "ModulNefteGasComplect"
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Проектирование, разработка, изготовление и поставка нефтегазо­промыслового оборудования и систем АСУ ТП

About Us

History of the company

The Scientific and technical Company «MODULNEFTEGASCOMPLECT» was established in 2001. There is for over 10 years that the company successfully solves the problems of oil, gas and water treatment.

Our company is recognized as a leader in developing and improving technologies for oil gathering, oil, gas and water treatment. MNGC designs, produces and supplies a «turn-key» packaged plants  for systems of gathering and treatment of production stream on oilfields. The company can provide a support design endorsement and technical, process design detail, performs erection supervision work and commission, also provides the «turn-key» facility commissioning and the maintenance service.

Since 2001. CJSC STC «MODULNEFTEGASCOMPLECT» developes designs and manufactures equipment for oil, gas and water (separators, clarifier oil and water settler, flare units, oil treatment plant, preliminary water knock-out plants).

The high qualification of  personnel is the key of the successful equipment operation.

The main units of CJSC STC «MNGC» are its own design institute «Scientific Research and Design Institute for development of oil and gas fields» and the oilfield equipment manufacture and assembly plant in Belebey — production of modular equipment and metal structures. At the institute works over 150 people and at the factory — over 200 people.

The company holds over than 100 patents, 4 of which  are marked with international and local awards as the best inventions of Russia for the 2006-2007 years. Three experts have received the title  «Best Engineer of Year 2008» at the all-Russian competition in various categories of oil treatment and transport.

The head of the company is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Oilman of Russian Federation Viktor A. Kryukov. He is a specialist in the field of well product gathering and treatment systems.

For a long time Mr.Kryukov worked in VNIISPTneft, led the work of industrial programs of Minnefteprom, Minpribor, Minhimmash to create a modern oil-block-equipment manufacturers.

One of the developments of VNIISPTneft is a three- phase separator, which according to the GP868  is a technological development, established under the direction of Dr. Kryukov in Ufa on 1988 -1990. The goal was to create a degassing and gathering separator, which could not afraid, the input gas-oil ratio (GOR less than 50, in the absence of PGKO-plans) in distinction from the settler. During development were made the following activities:

The development of the process side (technological calculations for various physico-chemical of oil properties, the input temperatures, the input pulses of liquid-gas mixtures with various watercut and various gas factor etc.)

In 1989. under the direction of Dr. V.Kryukov was performed a modeling of hydrodynamic devices on a translucent walls (thick-walled glass) with a transparent liquid — glycerine oil and imported oil from Grozny.

Experimental industrial designs were manufactured further (with inspection windows, samplers, etc.) and have been tested by VNIISPTneft at the sites fields of Bashneft and SNG.

In 1990 had the equipment had passed industrial and gouvermental tests and was delivered to the client- The Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry of USSR. After that. The documents were turned over to design and research institutes. At the same time the calculation methodologies and their employment have been developed and also turned over. This methodologies are still used by the factories today.

Since 1990 this equipment was introduced by specialists, working in CJSC STC «MOGC»and was perfected on hundreds of sites. Also were developed new designs of devices and obtained related patents; were developed a new designs of devices and was obtained related patents.

All the technologies and equipment of «MNGC» are certified, licenсed and have a permit from the State Committee for Supervision of Safe Working Practices in Industry and for Mine Supervision for use it. (№  ROSS RU.IS64.K00062).

The constantly growing demands of customers stimulate the perfection of technologies and equipment which index surpass the standard equipment on 2-4 times.

CJSC STC «MNGC» was the first to create a high-powered combined Tubular-type preliminary water knock-out plants with the capacity up to 30 m3/day, in which are combined the processes of gas separation, oil dehydration up to 0.5-1.0%, water treatment up to the requirements of the injection into formation (20-30 mg / L) without using settlers of water, incinerators, charging pumps, supplying water to the modular group pumping station, in some cases without the reagents feeding. The unique character of our equipments is confirmed by the constantly increasing demands from the biggest oil companies in Russia and CIS countries.

Being 11 years in business the company had developed and delivered more than 60 facilities of PWKO-plants and OTP, including the biggest, with the capacity of 50-64 thousand m3/day, more than 70 of flare systems, and also a large number of individual orders for certain types of equipment (separators, settlers, pumping stations).

Our main customers are such companies as JSC «LUKOIL», JSC «NK Rosneft», «TNK-BP Holding», JSC «Gazprom», JSC «Gazprom Neft», LLC  JVC «Rusvietpetro», JSC «Tomskneft»,  JSC «Tatneft»,  LLP «Kazakhoil Aktobe» and other oil and gas companies of Russia and the CIS.

We have acquired the complete block-unit design and the production of technological devices with the adjacent buildings to install the industrial pipelines, which greatly simplifies there maintenance.

To improve the  capacitance of PWKO-plants and OTP was developed a   new «express- technology» based on a capacitive devices, this technology is 2 times higher in the specific capacity than traditional technologies, projected with the existing serial devices.

Using the «express-technology» our company had made a modernization of existing serial devices (the most of them dates from 80-90s).

The internal stimulate items used in devices (coalescers and catching sections)  are made with using corrosion resistant materials and steels, have a device for cleaning and steaming, are repairable and  their service life is at least 20 years.

The  »express technology» is aimed not only to increase the productivity of devices, to increase their maintenance-free and their service life, but also for simplifying the  processing routes of installations and their unification, for the  improvement of the reliability.

Development of the technologies and of the vessel design are followed by  the equipment unification, the development and the construction of packaged plants, the employment of modern facilities and of automation systems.

A great attention is paid to quality level at all stages of production. Highly skilled professionals with a relevant education and continually increasing their skills are working in the company. Our manufacturing plant has a certified laboratory of nondestructive testing to confirm the product quality. Manufactured equipment can be shipped by trucks or by train cars.