CJSC Scientific-technical company "ModulNefteGasComplect"
tel./fax: (347) 253-09-53
tel./fax: (347) 241-68-92
Проектирование, разработка, изготовление и поставка нефтегазо­промыслового оборудования и систем АСУ ТП

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Thank you for your interest to the site of CJSC STC «ModulNefteGasComplect»,and welcome to our job page!



CJSC STC «ModulNefteGasComplect», JSC is interested in the recruitment of  experienced people and motivated, enthusiastic, energetic and creative beginners who can work in a team and are ready to improve their professional knowledges and experience. If you are this person we invite you to learn our vacancies, fill out this form or send your CV at the fallowing email address: angela@mngk.ru. We’ll contact you in the presence of corresponding vacancies to your qualifications and experience.