CJSC Scientific-technical company "ModulNefteGasComplect"
tel./fax: (347) 253-09-53
tel./fax: (347) 241-68-92
Проектирование, разработка, изготовление и поставка нефтегазо­промыслового оборудования и систем АСУ ТП

The motto: «Technologies of the future»


Mission of the Company – dynamic solution of clients` problems on gathering and treatment of crude hydrocarbons from well to main pipelines, as well as on formation water treatment and injection to FPM systems. Our aim is full and qualitative satisfaction of clients` expectations, using highly effective technologies and equipment, basing on principles of responsibility, professionalism and mutual respect.


  • We are the leaders. We aspire to leadership in all key areas of our activity: development and implementation of new solutions, business development, full and qualitative satisfaction of clients` expectations.
  • We develop partnership. We appreciate and aspire to long-term and reliable partner relations in the field of innovations, which create necessary conditions for growth of our clients` business.
  • We make your business efficient. We develop and constantly improve our solutions; we increase potential of our clients using new ideas.
  • We are focused on result. We are aimed at achievement of measurable qualitative results in every project.



Competence is a relation to the business, multiplied by time.


We bear responsibility for our results.


We show respect for colleagues and partners in business, building relations in fair and straight manner.


Reputation of the company is an asset and a resource for our business, it is a trust of clients, and it should be based on openness, honesty, fidelity to a word, respect and ability to do business.

The team.

We achieve success through teamwork, using strengths of each member of the company. Employees are our main asset.


The stronger the unity of the system is, the more professional its members are, the more civilized, profitable and creative business will be.