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Проектирование, разработка, изготовление и поставка нефтегазо­промыслового оборудования и систем АСУ ТП

Quality policy

Quality Assurance and Control System

In 2002, to further improve products quality and to ensure customers’ satisfaction our management made a decision to develop and implement a Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001 requirements with the purpose of the exercise being ISO 9001 compliance certification.

Company management defined goals and tasks pertaining to quality assurance, Quality Assurance Policy was developed.

A program of company Quality Management System preparation for certification was developed. Within the frames of the program a team of auditors was trained to conduct internal quality audits and company’s top managers were given a course in quality management. Both groups were trained by «Tekhnoneftegaz» (a Moscow based autonomous non-profitable organization for quality systems assessment/certification and quality management training of oil and gas industry personnel).

In 2002 a Quality Management System documentation package was prepared. The package includes Company’s Management Quality Assurance Policy, Quality Assurance Guidelines, internal quality standards and regulations. Regulations on Company’s Structure and personnel job descriptions were redefined to reflect the new requirements.

The implemented Quality Management System covers engineering, development, fabrication, installation, repairs and supply of packaged automated units for produced crude gathering systems, auxiliary facilities.

To ensure more efficient functioning of the Quality Management System we have quality audits performed regularly by internal auditors according to a set schedule.

In April 2003 quality management system of our company was successfully certified, and in April 2006 recertified as complying with requirements of the relevant Russian standard (GOST R ISO 9001-2001 – Russian equivalent of ISO 9001:2000) by «National Institute of Oil and Gas» (Moscow) – a Russian quality systems certification body..

CJSC STC «ModulNefteGasComplect» was given a certificate of quality management sytem conformity to GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000), registration number ROSS RU.IS64.К00029 dated April 27th, 2006.